Salty Lyme Consulting is a boutique consultancy specialised in helping enterprises leverage technology for the empowerment of people and the betterment of business.


With over two decades of field experience and a global footprint, we partner with our customers to provide strategic guidance, tactical direction and hands-on knowledge, on the successful digital transformation of business through the thoughtful and purposeful use of technology.

With an open approach to project engagement and a passion for working collaboratively, we aim to seamlessly integrate into our customers' daily business, project teams and community of employees, to make certain their business achieves transformational success

Relying on a formula of Vision + Strategy + Enablement, our goal is to ensure the empowerment of the organisation, value to the business and sustainable benefit for the enterprise.



Most enterprises understand the importance of creating the right environment to ensure sustainable change.  

Unfortunately, most struggle to find a beginning or to articulate a vision that succinctly captures their aspirations, beyond the use of technology. 

We work closely with our customers to understand their business, their aspirational goals, and organisational culture, in order to help craft a vision that inspires the enterprise and acts as a North star for their transformational journey.


Having a well defined strategy is an absolute necessity in achieving an engaging, highly productive workplace environment.

However, many enterprises struggle in connecting the dots between Vision and Enablement - we understand the challenges of embarking on a transformational journey and work diligently with our customers to create a clear and deliberate pathway.

With expertise in program management, business and technology architecture, and change management, we come equipped with the knowledge needed to ensure program success. 


Technology is just an enabler for the business, its the successful evolution of the people and the optimisation of processes that lead to true transformational success for the enterprise.

Understanding the complexity of the day-to-day and simplifying it through the thoughtful and purposeful use of technology is the only way to ensure a fully engaging and successful workplace environment.

We leverage our domain knowledge and in-field experience to help build a program of sustainable enablement, that will deliver long-term value for the business.